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SEO Course outline

·         01-Seo Training Course Introduction2020 ·         02-What is SEO in Digital Marketing
·         03-What is SEO & How Does it Work ·         04-How Search Engine Works (Crawling & Indexing in SEO)
·         05-Types of SEO (White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat) ·         06-SEO Start Before Website (Proper Topic Selection)
·         07-Understanding Keyword Research for SEO ·         08-Choose a Good Domain Name (How to buy Best Domain)
·         09-What is Web Hosting (Buy Best Web Hosting) ·         10-Target Audience (profitable niches topics to start blogging)
·         11-On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO ·         12-What is On-Page SEO (Learn on-page SEO step by step)
·         13-Website or Blog Layout ( Design Structure) ·         14-Title and Description for Website in SEO
·         15-Meta Tags ·         16-Meta Tag Optimization in SEO


·         17-Post Title, Permalinks, Post Description Introduction Demo ·         18-Post Title, Permalinks, Post Description Practical
·         19-How To Write Article (SEO Optimization Article Writing Tips) ·         20-Keyword Density, Keyword Stuffing & Keyword Proximity
·         21-Inbound vs Outbound Links (Internal vs External Links) ·         22-Optimize Images for SEO
·         23-OptimizationVideo in SEO ·         24-Create robots.txt file and implement robots.txt file
·         25-Canonical Tag, Canonical issues, Resolve Canonical Issue ·         26-Schema Markup (How to use & add schema rich snippets)
·         27-Google webmaster tools submit XML sitemap, verify the site ·         28-Submit Site to webmaster & Google search console.
·         29-How to generate and submit the XML sitemap to Google ·         30-What is Google Analytics
·         31-How To Add Google Analytics Code ·         32-What is Off-Page SEO (Off-Page SEO Techniques)


·         33-LinkBuildingComplete Guide How To Create Backlinks ·         34-Dofollow & Nofollow links Difference Dofollow & Nofollow
·         35-What is Page Rank (PRIncrease, PageRank Algorithm) ·         36-What is Domain Authority (Increase DA Check DA)
·         37-What is Page Authority increase PACheck Page Authority ·         38-Use The Flow Metrics Trust Flow and Citation Flow
·         39-What Is Anchor Text (anchor text ratios best practices) ·         40-How to create High-Quality BackLinks (DoFollow Backlink)
·         41-What is Social Bookmarking ·         42-Link Building How to do social bookmarking Submission
·         43-What is blog commenting in Seo ·         44-Practical Guide to Link Building with Blog Comments
·         44-What is Article-Submission in SEO ·         46-How to do Article Submission in SEO
·         47-How to Do Guest Posting in SEO ·         48-What is forum posting How to Get Backlinks in Forums


·         49-Practical Guide to Forum & Signature link Building ·         50-What is directory Submission in Seo
·         51-Practical Guide how to Do directory Submission ·         52-.Edu &.Gov backlinks (How to find .edu and .gov sites)
·         53-How to create High Pr Quality Backlinks.edu &.Gov Sites ·         54-What is Web 2.0 Backlinks, Web 2.0 submission
·         55-How to Create Web 2.0 Get High-Quality Backlinks ·         56-What is Video Submission and Its Benefits in SEO
·         57-What image Submission, Image sharing in Seo ·         58-Pdf Submission(Benefits & How to Create Backlinks)
·         59-What Is RSS Feed (How to Create RSS Feed&Submission) ·         60-What is Press Release in SEO & press release submission
·         61-How to index Backlinks Fast in Google Backlinks indexing

Scope of SEO Training Program

We offer Business Training therefore after completing the course you can work professionally. Anyone either from Pakistan or international can join this program. Our scope is answering to below questions

  • Willing To Bring Top Ten Ranking in Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, and Bing)?
  • Thinking To Bring Thousands of Visitors on Your Website Daily?
  • Make Money Online sitting at home or own software house?
  • Looking For a Part-Time Job?
  • Thinking to Start Your Online / Virtual / Website Businesses?
  • Looking for an Increase in Your Monthly and Annual Income?
  • Secure Your Future with Digital Marketing?
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