Price Action

  • Understanding Order flow
  • Different Moves in the Market

The General Direction of Market

  • Key to Successful Trading
  • Support and Resistance Barriers
  • Trading Why it is Important?

Ichimoku Kinko Hiyo

  • Introduction
  • Its Components
  • How to Trade with Ichimoku?

Money Management (MM)

  • MM is Crucial!!!
  • HSL Strategy (Recover Losses)
  • The Magic of Compounding!

Foundation of Trading

  • Draw Support and Resistance levels like a Professional
  • Advance Support and Resistance Levels Trading
  • Advance Trend Trading
  • Supply and Demand Trading
  • SR Clusters

Trading with Confluence

  • Introduction
  • Stochastic
  • MACD
  • Fibonacci Trading
  • Pivot Points Trading
  • Trading Trend Lines
  • Trading Chart Patterns
  • Breakouts and Fake outs
  • Two Types of False Breaks
  • Trading Breakouts and Fake outs with Confluence

The Habits of Professionals

  • Prepare Your Trading
  • Plan Keep a Trading Journal
  • Learn from your Mistakes

Heikin Ashi (HA)

  • Introduction
  • Patterns
  • How to Trade it?
  • Heikin Ashi vs Candlestick Charts

Pyramid Trading

  • Introduction
  • Pyramiding on Pullback Levels
  • Pyramiding on Predetermined Levels
  • Anti- Martingale

Customer Showcase